A company incorporated in Delhi specializing in sales, upgrade & modernisation, installation, maintenance and refurbishment & repair works of Lift, Moving Walks, Dumbwaiters and Home Elevator.

LALCHAND ELEVATOR (LE) is registered with the local authorities, under the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), that have jurisdiction over the installation and maintenance of lifts in DELHI.

LALCHAND Elevator is sole distributor for DELHI IN INDIA with a smart partnership to deliver, install, test, commission, hand over to Building Owner and thereafter provide quality after sale service in maintenance, parts and repair services to ensure the equipment is in tip-top performance.

Lalchand Elevator

Briefly, SMEC was founded in 2018 and has maintained its leading position in market share for 4 years in a row during the past 4 years by introducing and utilizing the world-leading technology as well as adhering to self development and pursuing for excellence. SMEC has created more and more miracle and glorious track and represents a moving pioneering history featured by development, innovating, providing the real enjoyment of traveling up and down, and creating harmonious space of life.
Invest in our affordable Building Transportation System products:
Lift, Escalators, Moving Walks, Dumbwaiters, Observation Lift & Elevator for Home.

Our Core Activities

  1. Sell
  2. Install, Test and Commission
  3. Service and Maintain
  4. Supply Parts and Components
  5. Repair Works
  6. Inspect and Conduct Equipment Audit – 2nd Schedule and Annual Inspection
  7. Consult and Rse-Design
  8. Upgrade and Modernize – Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walk, Dumbwaiter and Home Elevator at a reasonable price.
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Philosophy of Lalchand Elevator

Our Philosophy

LALCHAND ELEVATOR (LE) is in the business of Creating More Harmonious Space of Lift to meet the changing market environment and Creating Long-Term Partnerships by Working Together for Life to ensure the vertical transportation systems in buildings is no longer just transport device moving people vertically between floors, but more of a platform for networking and socialization.

Our Company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. LE Elevator carries economical products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. To meet our customers’ expectations, MY Elevator ensures that our sales, support, and service people generate enthusiasm and respond speedily with extra efforts in addressing our customers’ needs.

LE Elevator people are well-trained to be open and honest with all customers. We are always looking for a new and better way to improve our business relationships.

Our Vision

To provide innovative cutting-edge technology products and services to enhance the quality of life and thereby continually improving the position of our company, as well as enhancing the lives of our employees and our community.

Our Mission & Goal

To lead as a Provider of cutting-edge technology of top quality Lifts and Escalators which are economical, durable, reliable and safe for public use.

We strive to achieve a consolidated, sustained and independent growth on a national basis that ensures long-term business success.