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Home lift with increasing lifestyle demand, home elevators are quickly becoming popular.the home lift now add to the design quotient and have to be aesthetically pleasing it is an asset not just for convenience but for decor purpose to a great product for resident usage comes with a capacity of up to 4 people, speed of up to 0.2m/s  A suitable resident solution as;

  1. No machine room requirement
  2. No pit required
  3. Run on single-phase power supply

A two-man capsule lift or a small resident lift adds glamour to your dream home.

Door option :

Manual door: these doors have to be opened and closed manually. A cost-effective option

  1. Collapsible
  2. Imperforated

We also specialize in manufacturing and maintaining these doors as per your requirement. we can customize it as per your requirement and a valuable addition to your premises.

Automatic door: These come with a variety features of and a host of safety innovations

  1. Center opening
Home Elevator- lalchandelevator.com